Rape and violent crime: study shows Concealed Carry protects students at University

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After Colorado’s concealed carry law was enacted in 2003, the University of Colorado in Boulder ignored state law to prohibit their students from being armed, while Colorado State University obeyed the state law and allowed qualified students to concealed carry.

The powers that be in the ivory tower soccer stars hack at the UoC Boulder campus either failed to realize Colorado law applies to them, or knew that it did but decided to ignore it anyway. Although many of their students suffered, it did enable this eye-opening study. Since the external factors are the same for both universities, their very different results give an enlightening comparison of their very different gun policies.

The FBI tracks violent crime at Universities
Violent crime and rape reductions once Concealed Carry is legal on campus

The University of Colorado (Boulder), under the gun ban they claimed was for safety, experienced an increase in rape (red lines), while Colorado State with concealed carry enjoyed a massive decrease (blue lines). (Results from clash of clans hack tables 1 and 9 in the FBI UCR database, normalized per 100,000 students to eliminate population differences.)

Four years later, the violent crime rate at the gun-free University of Colorado had risen by 21% and rape had increased by 24%, while the guns concealed by responsible students at Colorado State protected them all, violent crime dropped by 87% and rape decreased by 88%.

Colorado State achieved such a dramatic drop in rape and violent crime because their violent criminals didn’t know who was armed. If you’re a violent criminal pixel gun 3d hack then knowing your prey may have a gun will make you think twice. Your fear of being injured discourages you from attack and caused CSU’s steep drop in crime.

At Colorado State there were 16 rapes in 2002 before their students were armed, but just 2 with concealed carry in 2006. They saw a similar drop in violent crime. The very different results at these two universities demonstrate the immense value of discouraging violent criminals and rapists by having a gun to protect your family, your women and your children.

Gun bans encourage violent criminals in America
If you have no hidden agenda yet still think a gun ban is trivia crack hack a good idea, then you need to ask yourself: How does stopping responsible students from defending themselves decrease crime? Then write down your answers to this question by tracing, from start to finish, all the logical steps from the gun ban to the decrease in rape and violent crime that you think it causes…

Chicago with outrageous gun control blames their outrageous crime rate on the guns only their criminals carry, yet refuse to realize that allowing responsible citizens to defend themselves discourages violent criminals from attack. In Washington DC, while their handgun ban was in effect for thirty years, their. murder rate was around 73% higher than before the law, at a time the US murder rate was trending 11% lower. They and many other places illustrate the adage: “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”
Guns and gun bans overseas are no different
As with every other place in the world, when you ban responsible people from being able to protect themselves from violent criminals, the violent crime rate goes up. The handgun ban in Jamaica gave their innocent citizens a murder rate among the highest in the world, around six times higher than before their gun ban.

The gun ban dramatically increased the violent crime rate (not gun violence) in Britain, it’s now over four times the American the simpsons tapped out hack rate enabling the European Union to observe that London is the violent crime capital of Europe. Was it Joe Biden who suggested teachers should throw a book at an active shooter? Yet the laws of physics tell us that throwing lead would make more of an impact

Switzerland with a gun above every fireplace has one of the lowest rates of gun violence in the world, some TEN TIMES lower than America. The six US states which allow people to concealed carry without a permit have much lower violent crime rates than the six states which try to stop people having concealed handguns.
The results are unequivocal, the more guns, the less crime! As the catchy yet self-evident epigram has it: “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”
Hat-tip to Clayton Cramer for the idea for this study.