PROOF That Hillary KNEW Benghazi Was A Terrorist Attack Unrelated To A Video

Hillary Clinton has had differing stories when it comes to Benghazi. On the one hand, she blamed the attack on an obscure YouTube video. This is the story she told to the American people and the families of the clash of clans hack victims. The maker of the video, who lives in America, was even imprisoned. On the other, she told her daughter, Chelsea, it was a terrorist attack. The corrupt Clinton has blamed the changing story on the ebb and flow of different information coming in, but the transcript of a phone conversation between Hillary and then-Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandi, which was obtained by Judicial Watch, shows proof that Hillary knew from the beginning that the attack at Benghazi was terrorism. That means she has been caught in pou cheats yet another major lie. During her conversation with Kandi on the night of the attack, Hillary definitely stated that they knew the attack was the work of al Qaeda and had nothing to do with a video. On September 12, 2012, one day after the attack, Hillary spoke with Prime Minister Kandi.

Clinton said, “We know the attack in Libya hungry shark world hack had nothing to do with the film. It was a planned attack – not a protest.” Kandil responded, “You’re not kidding. Based on the information we saw today we believe that group that claimed responsibility for this is affiliated with al-Qaeda.”
But that didn’t stop Hillary from spinning different stories and telling various lies about what happened. The night of the attack, pou cheats September 11, an official statement by then-Secretary Clinton was released by the State Department. At 10:08 p.m. on September 11, Mrs. Clinton issued an official State Department press statement, approved by the White House, placing the blame for the attack on an Internet video:

Some have sought to justify this vicious behavior as a response to inflammatory material case clicker cheats posted on the Internet. The United States deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. Our commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation. But let me be clear: There is never any justification for violent acts of this kind.
This story was false the entire time but that didn’t stop Hillary from returning to it on September 15.

On September 15, in a telephone call with then-Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Amr, Clinton emphatically portrayed the “stupid, very offensive film” as the root cause of the Benghazi violence. Clinton told Amr, “I have repeatedly, as has the President gangstar vegas cheats and other officials in our government, deplored not only the content of this stupid, very offensive film… But we have to exercise more self-discipline…otherwise we’ll be in a vicious downward circle against everyone who has ever felt offended, particularly on the internet….”